a moveable diary: a sharp things preview of album #3

17 January 2007


so, we’re well into our tracking for a moveable feast, in case you haven’t gathered. with the fine work of the new york symphonic arts ensemble committed to “tape” as well as most of the other pretty bits, we’re nearly ready to throw down some voices.

that said, we’ve been doing things slightly ass backwards as our drummer boy steve took ill sometime after the first basics session in late october and is enthusiastically getting back to it this coming weekend to finish up tracking along with some ample bass rumpage from mr holst.

jim is done with his guitar tracks, which sound nothing short of exquisite! hands down, the best work he’s ever done for anything or anyone, anywhere—and i’m not just saying that. we’re forfeiting our brilliant social agendas to track with ms caputo on saturday night, so the record is sure to chime and glisten with flaxen-haired brilliance. and speaking of blondes, our favorite cellist, claire freeman (yes, creator of NYC indie outlet, makes a brief and much anticipated comeback this weekend as well to play on a few tunes.

on sunday, i went to franz nicolay place to record his accordion in his kitchen. franz plays with the hold steady and world inferno friendship society. and he has a tree festooned with metal items growing from his coffee table.

anyway, i’m in love with everything he did. i want to marry it. you will fall in love, too. i’m so happy to have franz on this record.

yesterday was easily the most productive day we’ve ever had in terms of making music. it started with an 11am call for our horn section, bonfide TST member bradley madsen on ‘bone and euphonium along with, on and again off again, (but really, always on) trumpet/flugelhorn blowah mr andrew hoglund and antibalas reed player stuart bogie, who rocked the tenor sax for this session. the trio layed down incredible stuff for “rey,” “what’s the new girl wonder,” “now that i’m back,” and “don’t u leave me this way.” mr bogie did some enviable growling and whaling on “the devil in you sings,” and both andrew and brad teamed up on “storm king,” all of which will sound like buttah, i could guarantee with confidence. don’t worry, you’ll hear.

the evening started off poorly with jim’s car being towed from in front of the space. i guess the parking violations bureau wasn’t celebrating MLK yesterday. hey, but what a great opportunity to victimize all of those people who assumed they would! all told, he was able to pry it free with relative ease and minimal hassle, if, albeit at maximum cost. the rest of us finished our meals at bubby’s and headed back to the space to finish up the strings.

how’d it go, you ask? more orgasms. andrea, aisha and janis lushed it up pro-style with some great stuff on the aforementioned “don’t u leave me this way,” “everything breaks” and so far decided album kick-off tune, “the jumpers,” one of my weirder, but thankfully shorter endeavors, based on nick hornby’s novel, a long way down.

i’ve been chipping away at the lead vocals and they don’t sound so bad, if i may say so, but i’m more excited to hear everyone else’s voice.

also, in addition to playing the geetar, michelle’s been getting tons of footage chronicling the process of throwing down this impossible record, so you’ll likely see something soon. jim’s hard toiling with the album artwork, which may be not just one thing, but many.

and super special kudos to prince polo , our genius co-producer/engineer who has endless skillz and bottomless humor, makin’ good things just sound great and great things sound spectacular.

don’t worry, you’ll hear.

much love,


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