Fingertips Music Premieres "Everything Breaks!"

20 December 2014

We are happy to announce the premiere of “Everything Breaks,” the opening track from The Sharp Things’ latest long player, Adventurer’s Inn, on Fingertips Music.

Says Fingertips’ Jeremy Schlosberg, “‘Everything Breaks’ manages the uncommon trick of being both lovely and urgent. Each of these aspects, as it turns out, seems to hinge primarily on the song’s consistent—and subtly edgy—alteration between minor and major keys. We hear it right away in the crisp, ringing piano intro, and the minor/major shifting is only deepened and underlined by the addition of vocals. There’s a breathlessness to the proceedings, a sense that the song just has to burst out as is and be done.”

Since its release last week, Adventurer’s Inn, (Dive Records/The Orchard), has enjoyed not only noteworthy airplay on Triple A radio formats nationwide, but also continued accolades from the music press: Magnet, Huffington Post, Blurt, The Big Takeover, No Depression and others, who said things like…

“Song by song, diverse as the collection is, each song is a standalone knockout.” — MAGNET (full feature)

“This album is so daringly original and well nuanced, it defies both comparisons and expectations.”
— No Depression

“… It’s good to be a Sharp Things fan.” — The Big Takeover

Adventurer’s Inn is the third full length in The Sharp Things’ in-process four-album series, Dogs Of Bushwick, produced by go-to helmsman, Billy Polo and featuring an array of side players accompanying the mainstay core band.

The album sadly coincides with the passing of founding member, drummer and band vocalist/songwriter Perry Serpa’s childhood friend, Steven Gonzalez, to whom the record is dedicated. Gonzalez’s work with The Sharp Things has been documented throughout the series and will fortunately provide the backbeat for the final long player expected out in summer 2015.

A portion of the proceeds from Adventurer’s Inn will benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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