Great new review of A Moveable Feast

29 November 2007

Just posted by Bliss/Aquamarine in the UK:

Third album from New York based orchestral pop band. With 10 permanent band members, an assortment of guests and a 40 piece orchestra, this has as you’d expect a very big sound. “The Jumpers” combines classic pop with 19th century classical strings, vintage theatre music and light opera, whilst “Through With Love” is huge sophisticated pop, a bit 70s, a bit quirky, very enjoyable. “An Ocean Part Deux” is excellent emotional indiepop with the effective addition of strings. “Storm King” combines old-school indiepop with a dash of stylish 60s laid-back pop. “Cruel Thing” harks back to the days when soul music really did have soul. “Don’t Hold Out Hope” is timeless sophisticated pop. “Le Chose Francais” is a brief excursion into accordion-based folk instrumentation. “Don’t U Leave Me This Way” is a kind of easy listening or slow-dancing pop song, the sort of fairly mainstream number that could easily sound dull if performed by someone with less talent, but The Sharp Things manage to pull it off.

A very ambitious project, but the band easily achieve their ambition by creating such intelligent and creative music which, speaking seriously, is of a quality to rival and even outshine many songwriters and musicians considerably more famous. Very talented and with the rare ability to appeal equally to underground and mainstream music listeners.

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