Green Is Good Mixed & Ready To Master!

4 December 2012

IT’S OFFICIAL! Green Is Good, first in our Dogs Of Bushwick album series, is fully mixed & ready to master.

We are on track for a Feb 26, 2013, release of our first album in more than five years!

In case you missed it, we’ve released a free, non-album single that we hope you will enjoy: “It’s Alright,” a cover of an obscure Black Sabbath song that sounds nothing like Black Sabbath and everything like The Sharp Things. Go to Soundcloud to download!

Also, if you need to complete your Sharp Things album collection, head on over to our new Bandcamp Store, where all three of our previous studio albums — Here Comes The Sharp Things (2002), Foxes & Hounds (2005) and A Moveable Feast (2007) — are now available to download in high-quality formats like 320 MP3, FLAC or whatever else tickles your fancy. NAME YOUR PRICE!

Stay tuned for more news from The Sharp Things as we prepare for an amazing year of new music!

Happy Holidays,
The Sharp Things

Green Is Good album art

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