Help The Sharp Things make their next record!

27 July 2010

Our new album is being pieced together, slowly, but steadily, at the Kennel Studio in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It may actually boast upwards of 30 songs when it’s all said and done and it will find us stretching our creative muscles over the side the pool, with full-on rawk songs, plaintive heart-wrenchers and our signature lush stuff — strings, horns, da works! All over the place, yes, but in an inexplicably focused way. Think the White Album (could we be that bold?).

You can help us finish this record by pledging $20 or more at Kickstarter. Our goal is to raise $2500 by Sept. 15. If we don’t make our goal, we won’t get a dime, so please contribute!

Your help will make these new songs come to life, so any contributions will not go unrewarded. You will be the first to hear the music (for free, and perhaps even in rougher states), and you will be the first to have the whole shee-bang once it’s done, both digitally and physically. And if the band creates any schwag, it’s yours… also gratis.

Visit Kickstarter now and make your pledge. Thank you!

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