Kevin O'Hara R.I.P.

24 September 2007

Very sad news.

Kevin O’Hara, Sunday DJ at Z889, Pemberton, New Jersey, and stalwart fan and supporter of The Sharp Things, died last Saturday of a massive heart attack.

Kevin hosted TST on the air on two occasions, most recently June 17, 2007, where we performed the live version of “Stockholm Street” that’s been on our downloads page ever since. That’s Kevin introducing us.

Kevin was a great guy, so sweet, and so enthusiastic about our music. The first time we were on his show (actually it was just Perry and me that day), July 31, 2005, he asked us in advance for a list of songs that inspired us. Not only did he play many of those songs on his show that day (along with ours), on our way out, he presented us with mix CDs with all that great music on it. Made the traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike a lot more tolerable coming home that day.

Apperances aside, it’s not easy being in this band. Breaks are few and far between, and sometimes it’s hard not to just throw up our hands in defeat. Kevin O’Hara was one of the good guys who made all the heartache and frustration worthwhile.

We will miss him terribly.

— Jim

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