"My Hero": A tribute to Steve Gonzalez

24 November 2014

Perry Serpa is guest editor of MAGNET Magazine’s web site this week. Two posts about his “favorite things” will appear every day until Sunday.

In his first post, Perry thanked MAGNET. This is his second for today:

“He was the Sharp Things’ drummer for most of its 17 years and perpetually, unfalteringly, my BFF since 1975.

“Back then, I didn’t know what to think of this kid. He suffered from a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis, which at the time, I had never heard of. He was thin, almost frail, but with a mouth twice as big as the rest of him. His condition, in many ways, made him more daring, less tolerant of bullshit, less afraid. If he felt wronged, it didn’t matter if the culprit was the biggest, meanest doofus in the schoolyard, he would get right up in their face, insult their mother … and run like hell. I didn’t realize it then, but being forward and competitive as hell, Steven was the perfect counterweight to this wallflower of a boy. And on we went…”

Read more at MAGNET Magazine.

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