One more course for the 'Feast'

23 April 2007

What? You thought our new album was finished? Wherever did you get that idea? From us? Oh right. Well, we thought it was finished, but then Perry played a demo of “Cruel Thing” for Bar/None’s Glenn Morrow, who proceeded to get very excited and insisted the tune somehow be included on A Moveable Feast.

What to do? Once again, our intrepid co-producer Prince Polo came to the rescue, arranging for a two-day session at the Truth & Soul recording studio in Williamsburg. Successor to the fabled Soul Fire Recordings, Truth & Soul — also a musicians’ collective and record label — specializes in recreating the classic soul sounds of the late 60s and early ‘70s, and that’s just what we need for “Cruel Thing”!

Recording and mixing will take place this Thursday and Friday, followed by mastering and re-sequencing as soon as we are able. Stay tuned!

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