orchestra recording next week!

4 November 2006

Next Thursday, November 9, will be an unforgettable evening, as we convene with conductor Sybille Werner (pictured, below) and the 40+ orchestra of the New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble to record six songs for our upcoming third album, A Moveable Feast.

Perry Serpa writes:
“Most of the recording will center around the string section, but there are a few numbers that will incorporate french horn, and some woodwinds. It should be fantastic!

“Conductor Sybille Werner has been incredibly helpful in pulling the score together so that real musicians can decipher it. Andrea has been an amazing help as well, especially with regards to 11th hour needs. Thanks so much to Aisha and Janis as well for the creative input and helping me make changes and suggestions to pass along. It’s been a great process thus far.

“To the best of my knowledge, Andrea and Aisha are definitely playing with the orchestra. Janis is as of yet, undecided. Michelle is going to videotape the session. Sybille has agreed to an on-camera interview, but only post-session.

“We need someone to take some photos for the website and maybe for the inside album art. Thinkin’ classic black & white stuff. any ideas? I’m really just looking for a friend with digital camera and a decent eye here.”

Any photographers out there who want to help? Please get in touch.

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