Please Help The Sharp Things Get On With It Already!

23 February 2014

Dear Friends & Family, Far and Wide:

Most of you getting this far have some idea who The Sharp Things are, but just in case, we’re a multi-member, indie-pop group with a bit of an orchestral thing going on. We’ve been around for about 17 years and we’re still going strong. With your help, we could go stronger…

You see, a few years ago we set out, with prior help from our good peeps, to build upon a vision we had for a 4-album series, meaning 4 separate records rolled out in relatively quick succession as opposed to the usual few years wait we’ve had between our albums to-date.

Well, we’ve been 1/2 successful! Meaning, we’ve put out 2 albums already, both of which have been critically acclaimed AND we’ve been able to make a handful of videos, manufacture CDs and pay the people who have worked so hard and so closely with us to make these records.

Unfortunately, we’ve hit a wall and we find ourselves poor again, with 2 full albums to go, some great songs, some awesome ideas and lots of enthusiasm. We really need your help to get on with it. If you would consider just a small contribution (although we certainly won’t turn away big ones) you’d be helping this rather large group realize some rather big dreams.

With the money, we’d be able to finish up the 2 remaining albums, create a 4-vinyl LP set which would be released in early 2015, create a great video or two and maybe even do some small touring jaunts. The uptake for the first 2 albums in the series has been so positive and with the means to keep going, you would be helping us step up and step out even further!

The overall goal for this Indiegogo campaign is $20,000

We’re promising some awesome perks (see below) if you can contribute, but if you can’t help us with a contribution, we would be so appreciative if you would just pass the word along, perhaps to a few people who would be free to contribute. And of course, “liking” us on Facebook or following us on Twitter is always great.

Thank you so much for your time.

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