Songza recommends TST's "An Ocean"

17 January 2008

Songza is a new “music search engine and Internet jukebox” with a very slick interface for finding, playing, rating and sharing music.

They approached us about adding “An Ocean Part Deux” to their initial list of of recommended songs on their home page, just launched (Songza president and co-developer Scott Robbins is a fan).

While playing the song, users see links to “Buy Song” (links to Bar/None web site) and “Discography” (links to our home page).

Songza’s gotten a fair bit of attention, praise and traffic since launching last November, so this should bring us welcome exposure.

At the moment, nearly all the music in Songza is pulled from YouTube; there’s an option to watch the video, where available. They’re working to expand their audio offerings, and we’re a part of that.

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