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11 August 2008

“Through With Love,” from our third LP, A Moveable Feast is in today’s playlist for BTR DJ Jack Rabid, longtime TST fan and editor/publisher of the revered music zine The Big Takeover.

Visit BTR now and click on “The Big Takeover” show to hear “Through With Love” alongside these other fine tracks:

00:00 DJ Jack Rabid
00:27 Something Happened – Billy Bragg
03:04 Last to Know – Kevin Kane
07:24 Paul Kern Can’t Sleep – The Dimes
10:34 Microscopic View – The Pernice Brothers
13:48 DJ Jack Rabid
15:23 Prank Calls – Kelley Stoltz
17:39 Atom – British Sea Power
23:18 Motion Sickness Ghosts – Robert Pollard
25:42 Before the End of the Race – Sloan
28:07 Blackout – Sloan
29:46 DJ Jack Rabid
31:37 Emptying the Madhouse – Even Worse
32:56 Mystery – Wipers
34:41 We Will Bury You – The Bags
36:35 Lovely Guilty – Visqueen
39:51 DJ Jack Rabid
41:51 Think About It – Flight of the Concords
44:55 Through With Love – The Sharp Things
48:14 Working Full Time – Constantines
52:09 DJ Jack Rabid
53:35 Carnival – Jeremy Enigk

Thanks, Jack!

ps—Click the “Archive” button for Jack’s show to listen to the 8/11/2008 show anytime.

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