The Sharp Things podcast feature!

20 June 2007

Derek of Deliberate Noise, who is based in Detroit, is a huge fan and has been a great supporter, having played our songs on 3 previous podcasts.

This time he’s decided to play two songs and talk all about us for 13 minutes—his first-ever band spotlight.

Everybody in the band gets named, he tells our whole story, and declares that if this were the ‘60s or ‘70s we would be “huge stars” like the Jefferson Airplane and Chicago—while also predicting that we’ll never end up sucking as bad as those groups did!

We recommend you download the MP3 (43.8 MB) and listen in iTunes—our feature begins 25 minutes into the 48-minute show.

FYI, these songs are available for podcast only via the Podsafe Music Network.

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