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Reviews of A Moveable Feast

Press Play, Record

"It took exactly two seconds of the second track, "Through With Love," for me to realize that this new record was an amazing leap forward. This song is one of the best angry-at-love love songs I heard all year, and it's helped by a grand orchestra accompaniment."


"A very ambitious project, but the band easily achieve their ambition by creating such intelligent and creative music which, speaking seriously, is of a quality to rival and even outshine many songwriters and musicians considerably more famous. Very talented and with the rare ability to appeal equally to underground and mainstream music listeners."


"On [The Sharp Things'] third record, leader Perry Serpa has made his grandest statement yet."


"The third album from New York's 11-piece symphonic-pop ensemble serves up an eclectic banquet of darkly atmospheric chamber-pop and cool lounge-swing to an often dazzling effect."

Eardrums Music [Norway]

"A garden of good songs."

The Fire Note

"Retro-indie pop never sounded so fresh!"


"Engagingly of the best new releases I've heard this year."

Perfect Porridge

""Cruel Thing" is a succulent, inspired track with the soulful compassion of The Commodores and the sweet string stirrings of Stravinsky."

Under The Radar

"With A Moveable Feast, The Sharp Things have expanded upon their musical ideal, and the results connect all the more."

Amazon Customer Reviews

"One of 2007's finest albums...Everything about this record induces chills!"


"On their third full-length, New York's favorite 10-plus-member chamber-pop outfit have crafted a record that's as theatrical and ambitious as the group'll find yourself swept up and away into another more polished and cinematic world."

Spill It: A Music Blog [LIVE REVIEW]

"The Sharp Things breezed through selections from their three albums over the past four years -- 2003's Here Comes the Sharp Things, 2005's Foxes & Hounds and the recently released A Moveable Feast -- and converted the Southgate House stage from venerable Rock venue locale into venerable Rock orchestra pit."

The Washington Post Express

"With exploding energy that suggests they're trying to blow the doors clean off chamber pop, the 11-piece unit blares with brass and spins with symphony throughout their latest"

CMJ New Music Monthly

"With their layer cake harmonies, grandiose arrangements and frontman Perry Serpa's Steve Winwood-esque delivery, the band packages all the best things about '70s AM radio and early British pop and tinges it with their own flair for dramatics."

Cincinnati City Beat [FEATURE INTERVIEW]

""What you're hearing is the intrinsic push/pull between the simple and plaintive reality that you have feelings like everybody else, but inside you those feelings can be volcanic. We express the volcanic symphonically.""

Used Wigs

"In reality, the only comparisons that really come to mind when listening to this diverse collection are those artists and acts who really tried to swim against the current and do something unique in the grander "popular music" spectrum."


"Don't let all the trumpets, oboes and cellos make you nervous. Underneath the big-league arrangements are a set of muscular tunes that would still sound good played by a standard rock combo."

Adrian's Album Reviews

""Don't U Leave Me This Way" is sheer class, a heart wrenching, dramatic soulful wonder and I should wonder about running out of words. I want to listen to it again."

Left Of The Dial

"A valiant recording, this hodge-podge of baroque rock and straight up pop is definitely an indie rock fan's dream. The New York based collective writes great songs that will be some of the best tracks offered this year." News [New Releases]

"Also sharpening up its third effort this week is this symphonic-pop band from New York."

All Music Guide

"Hyperbole is warranted. "Cruel Thing" is a thrilling, shiver-inducing torch song that condenses and focuses the Sharp Things' best traits: their honkin', eleven-members-strong sound, their savvy songwriting, and their infectious energy."

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted

"A Moveable Feast is unlike anything that has come across my ears all year. Perry Serpa's vocals...soar throughout the album, belting out songs of heartbreak and despair that should litter mix tapes for the next few months."

"Hope is on the horizon thanks to pop visionaries the Sharp Things."

Amplifier Magazine

"A Technicolor extravaganza that blends the musicality of Belle and Sebastian with the spirit of Rufus Wainwright."

Jersey Beat

"Elegant and melodic, stately and graceful, this exquisitely lovely and harmonic album from a first-rate New York symphonic pop band stands tall as a beautifully lush, lulling and intricate work of sonic art."

High Bias

""Cruel Thing," "Through With Love" and "What's the New Girl Wonder" should be at the top of any music lover's hit parade, especially if they've ever fantasized about a merger of the Left Banke and the Impressions with the late David Ackles producing."

The Ephemerist

"It's not just the chamber pop arrangements that stand out but the intricate lyrics as well. I'm a sucker for a clever turn-of-phrase which the Sharp Things always supply."

Berkeley Place

"This is an incredibly interesting, deep, full, and at times revelatory...orchestral pop of the highest order!"

The Big Takeover

"Their previous blueprint of Divine Comedy's update on Scott Walker remains, but it's expanding: This lush pop full of douceur de vivre evinces the lovely gauze of Harry Nilsson with mid-period Tim Buckley."

New Haven Advocate

"The Sharp Things succeed because they understand what's great about their own faves, and they're able to add their own musical personality to the pop formulas they've decoded."