Adventurer's Inn

Reviews of Adventurer's Inn

Jersey Beat

"Adventurer's Inn not only cements the Sharp Things' reputation as the premier chamber-pop act in the city, but shows the band stretching its wings beyond orchestral indie."


"This record displays a band at the peak of its career, one which appears to be happily unsatisfied, yet chronically inspired by melancholy."

Dagger Zine

"This would've made my top 10 of 2014 had I heard it earlier. Can't wait to hear the next installment!"

Fingertips Music

"'Everything Breaks' manages the uncommon trick of being both lovely and elegiac litany of facts, descriptions, and/or circumstances, creating a kind of beauty-meets-tragedy atmosphere"

No Depression

"This album is so daringly original and well nuanced, it defies both comparisons and expectations."

MAGNET [Feature]

"Adventurer's Inn may be the shortest release in the series to date, but it's the most freewheeling, aesthetically."

The Big Takeover

"...with the artistic breadth of Brooklyn singer/writer/keyboardist Perry Serpa and his multi-instrumental cast of cohorts, the collection of classic styles and sounds keeps it fresh."