The Sharp Things, Green Is Good album cover [front]

Reviews of Green Is Good

Pop That Goes Crunch!

"One of the more intriguing releases in quite some time...seamlessly stitches together dozens of different influences into a cohesive quilt of modern pop...not a bum track out of ten!"

The Big Takeover

"Already a delicacy for Divine Comedy fans and lovers of sophisticated '60s chart and baroque pop, they sustain a stylistic sprawl on Green, successfully steering between the spry trumpet-fed happy soul of "Flowers For My Girl," the dainty-to-dramatic, strings-saturated waltz of "Dogs of Bushwick," and the omnious Aladdin Sane David Bowie haze permeating Green's most striking track, "Blame the Bankers.""

M Music & Musicians Magazine

"After six years away, these Brooklyn pop experimentalists emerge from their laboratory flush with new music."

Kisses & Noise

"Green is Good is drenched in keys, horns, strings, and vocal harmonies that expand the scope of traditional pop sounds. Every song may sound like a different band, but in a world with its iPod on shuffle it may be perfect. "

American Songwriter

"A sweeping, shimmering ballad that channels Burt Bacharach and Randy Newman in the same breath, "I Know You're Gonna Break My Heart" finds the two singers duetting over strings, organ, and casual percussion."

MAGNET [feature]

"[Green Is Good is] an obvious logical successor to the band's four previous LPs, all strong candidates, in their time, for best record you never heard last year. "

Blurt Online

"Brilliant...These songs are among some of the best in the band's decade-plus existence."

Those Who Dig

"A weird fusion of The Talking Heads, REM, and Midnight Oil. And yet it doesn't really sound anything like that either. "


"Surreptitiously, the songs on Green Is Good creep into your brain...defying a single genre classification "


"The Sharp Things use their long list of influences to create a sound that will comfort you with nostalgia, yet give you something refreshing when you're searching for something that you haven't heard before."

Sphere Music

"Interesting lyrics, awesome melodies and intelligent arrangements...A refreshing protest against the lackluster styles that have plagued our radio and internet these days. "