The Sharp Things, The Truth Is Like The Sun album cover [front]

Reviews of The Truth Is Like The Sun

Power Popaholic

"Lead vocalist Perry Serpa is now surrounded by an ensemble that makes these songs work. Feel the love and listen in!"

No Depression

"An exquisite sound full of breathy enthusiasm and a grandeur that's really quite impressive. The Truth Is Like The Sun could be called the Sgt. Pepper of the indie set!"

TODAY [Singapore]

"As long as you are a music lover that appreciates memorable tunes and erudite arrangements, then you will positively savor the delicate beauty of The Truth Is Like The Sun"

Jersey Beat

"Everything about this shimmering marvel just smacks of pure posh style. A positively beautiful jewel!"

Jersey Beat

"The Truth Is Like The Sun adds a much-needed new chapter to the Great American Songbook!"

Pop That Goes Crunch!

"The Truth Is Like The Sun takes an even more scenic route to its destination than did Green Is Good. It is the most distinctive release I have heard this year. It may also be the single best."


"Simply jaw-on-the-floor beautiful! The Truth is Like the Sun boasts some of the best songs in the band's nearly 15 years together."

Pop That Goes Crunch!

"If "Can't Get Started" is any indication of what's to come, The Truth Is Like The Sun could cause The Sharp Things to have released two of my favorite records in a single year."


"I love the collective vocals, which are effected with a beautiful, almost whispered restraint that accentuates the coiled energy of the verse melody's center point."

The Big Takeover

"Attains the same rarified air as Green is Good, like a unified double LP—so far. Just fabulous, again!"