50 More Lines Over Google Street

26 October 2007

Almost two years ago we collected and presented 50 peculiar Google search results for “the sharp things” that had nothing to do with a certain orch-pop band from Brooklyn.

That was fun, and we’re bored, so here’s 50 more!

  1. I don’t know what the sharp things are, they’re usually reddish in color.
  2. Pets and wildlife died from digesting the sharp things, as did a few people who dropped them into a can and then accidentally choked on them.
  3. Seriously, hide the sharp things. and while you’re at it, hide the blunt things, too.
  4. The sharp things are already waiting for me when I finally make it to the hospital, one and a half hours late and two and a half hours after setting off.
  5. Your brother may still want to hide the sharp things. Last time I was at your house I heard many threats about forks and eyeballs and dogs.
  6. Ignore the sharp things. Don’t pay attention to the falling sharp things, or you’ll lose.
  7. If you hide the sharp things, what do I play with?
  8. We all like Chinese food here, but not the sharp things.
  9. His dick is a machete, a knife, all the sharp things found on a kitchen table, all the killing things found in a tool shed.
  10. Some people chose to wear all the gear save the sharp things.
  11. I gazed at all the sharp things in the bathroom. The razors, the edges of tables, broken mirrors and sharp glass.
  12. Hey Ben Stiller, hide the sharp things, Professor von Crybaby’s here!
  13. And that, my chickens, is why I’m going to hide all the sharp things, make sure there’s plenty of farina in the house, and lock all the doors before I take my first antihistamine today
  14. However, being the short person I am, the thick portion of the pants that keeps the sharp things from cutting, don’t cover as high as I’d like.
  15. I liked drawing the sharp things in the hands of the lion, to make the kids think it was going to be scarier than it really was.
  16. He reached out for the needles with his strong arms and grabbed them, turning around and throwing the sharp things back at his opponent.
  17. They were the sharp things that we cut our feet on if we weren’t careful where we went swimming.
  18. the sharp things generally have straight shanks or otherwise need to be interfaced with the tapered spindle.
  19. Because if you just watch from the ninth inning on lately, you’d better clear all the sharp things out of the room.
  20. The baby seems kinda odd there with all the sharp things on the boats.
  21. He was bitching about his bed being lumpy and the sharp things in the mattress poking him.
  22. Clear the sharp things out of your pots-and-pans cupboard or utensil drawer to provide a great source of entertainment for babies and toddlers.
  23. Use the bandaids to tape all the sharp things together.
  24. If you do bring any quilting supplies, be sure the sharp things are in your checked baggage!
  25. After the brief scuffle between Jesus and Abdul, all the sharp things were locked up and it was decided that the Mad Arab would be allowed in the club.
  26. Roseanne tells Dan that he can pick the things up with his ass, starting with the sharp things.
  27. Keep the sharp things away from my genitalia, thanks.
  28. Anyway, sitting in the dentist’s chair and trying to ignore the sharp things.
  29. I pumped furiously, imagining Candice handling the sharp things in my kitchen until she ruined the image by returning.
  30. To that place with the sharp things and lots of water and soap that gets up my nose! Boo Mommy!
  31. I had gone round the flat and put all the sharp things out in the garage.
  32. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I ALWAYS take the sharp things out if they’re stuck in my skin.
  33. There are no warning labels on the knife set in my office that tells me to not poke the sharp things in my eyes. But I NEED to know how sharp they are!
  34. Then he trys to dodge all the sharp things. Then one of them catches him and pins him to the wall.
  35. I’m restless and uneasy and in awe how a small pill can create an entire bubble of a world that keeps most of the sharp things away.
  36. Rumour has it that in the second movie, all the sharp things wll have corks on the ends of them
  37. You’d assume they’d remove all the sharp things from the reach of their troubled child.
  38. It might be reasonable to have your girlfriend remove all the sharp things from your home, so that you can at least relax on that count.
  39. Put away the sharp things, forget the stupid pills that don’t do anything, and remember it doesn’t change anything.
  40. Just lie down on the table… don’t mind the sharp things hanging above you.
  41. When it came to the sharp things, I had to get rid of them and take cover (got under blankets).
  42. Guns are nice but I’m all about the sharp things.
  43. Basically you get a huge trail of zombies to follow you and you shut yourself inside the house of cutlery or wherever all the sharp things are and see how long you can survive against the zombie onslaught.
  44. In dense jungles wear clear lens sunglasses to protect your eyes from all the sharp things that are hard to see in the dark.
  45. It puts me into screaming premature menopause so’s that the sharp things I also have can whip my ovaries into an eggy frenzy.
  46. Hey, let’s all keep the sharp things down for a little while and chill okay?
  47. the sharp things fingered tinily my heart life.
  48. What causes this phobia about the sharp things?
  49. Run left, between the sharp things (avoid rolling, it’ll throw your timing off) and go into the hole on the left side.
  50. Can you possibly hide all the sharp things from her clutches? Never.
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