"Devil" makes WOXY Weekly Top 20

14 July 2007

“The Devil In You Sings,” from our new Bar/None album A Moveable Feast, hit the weekly Top 20 at Cincinnati-based web radio station WOXY.COM

The full list for the week ended July 14:

1 Datarock, “I Will Always Remember You”
2 The Lodger, “Let Her Go”
3 The Chemical Brothers, “All Rights Reversed”
4 White Rabbits, “The Plot”
5 Stateless, “Exit”
6 The Cribs, “Men’s Needs”
7 Maps, “Elouise”
8 Le Tigre, “On The Verge”
9 Arthur & Yu, “Afterglow”
10 Handsome Furs, “Cannot Get Started”
11 Editors, “Push Your Head Towards The Air”
12 Fourth Of July, “Long Gone”
13 Pinback, “From Nothing To Nowhere”
14 Matt Pond PA, “Reading”
15 Electrelane, “Five”
16 The Sharp Things, “The Devil In You Sings”
17 M.I.A., “Boyz”
18 Iron & Wine, “Boy With A Coin”
19 Von Sudenfed, “The Rhinohead”
20 The Clientele, “Carnival On 7th Street”

“An Ocean Part Deux” is also getting a lot of airplay on the popular webcaster. Keep the love flowing and request a song!

WOXY will host The Sharp Things live in the studio on Friday, July 27 at 4:30 pm as part of its Lounge Act concert series.

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