EverybodyEverybody released today on Ropeadope!

19 February 2016

TODAY, we release EverybodyEverybody, our seventh studio album, and the fourth and final release in The Dogs Of Bushwick series, which we started recording with Billy Polo at The Kennel Recording Studio way back in 2009.

The record is coming out on “Ropeadope Records” and is available tomorrow via iTunes, as well as via our Bandcamp store — the exclusive source for the album on CD.

We’re very proud of this recording, and very grateful to all the wonderful musicians who contributed (R.I.P. Steve Gonzalez).

We hope you will take a little time out of your day to listen to our album, and perhaps even purchase it for yourself, or a friend. If you enjoy EverybodyEverybody, please help spread the word, however you can. Thanks!


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